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Abusive Teen Relationships May Be on the Rise

By July 27, 2008

Does your sonís girlfriend call all hours of the day or night and demand to know what he is doing at all times? Does your daughterís boyfriend talk down to her or call her names? These hints of controlling behaviors may indicate more sinister events are happening when you arenít looking - and this kind of abuse may be increasing.

A study sponsored by Liz Claiborne Inc and loveisrespect.org indicates that there is significant abuse occurring in many tween and teen dating relationships. If the tween or teen is sexually active, they are at even greater risk for abuse. This study may indicate a trend towards increasing abuse in teen relationships.

As a nurse and as a step-parent, this study frightens me. As my stepdaughter takes her first steps into the dating world, I want her to be savvy about all of the dangers that are out there. What can a parent do? Educate yourself on the signs of an abusive relationship and then share them with your teen. Go to knowtheredflags.com or chooserespect.org for more information.

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