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Best Bones Forever - A New Website for Teens and Parents

By October 25, 2009

With Halloween around the corner, this is a great time to talk about bones! Your teen's bones, that is. The United States Department of Health and Human Services recently launched Best Bones Forever, a website dedicated to educating teen girls and parents about bone growth.

Why is this important? Because women build their bones up until the end of their teen years - and then the rest of their lives, just maintain what they have. If a teen does not have enough calcium or does not get enough exercise, she isn't building the bone she could have. This can lead to osteoporosis when she is older, a significant health problem for many in the US and around the world. Best Bones Forever has a parent's section with tips to help your teen girl build strong bones. Don't let bone health spook you! Find out what you can do to help your teen develop good habits and a strong skeleton (I couldn't resist...).

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