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Teen Health December 2008 Archive


A New Year's Resolution: Family Fitness

Sunday December 21, 2008
We have all heard that if you have a "fitness" buddy, you are more likely to exercise. How about a New Year's Resolution for the entire family? Or ... Read More

Teen Health Alert - Dangerous Asthma Medications

Thursday December 11, 2008
The FDA has just recommended that the use of the drugs Foradil and Serevent be restricted. The concern is that these two drugs, known as long-acting beta-agonists or LABAs, ... Read More

"Greening" Our Medications

Monday December 1, 2008
If only everything to do with medicine was becoming more eco-friendly! As of December 31, 2008, the albuterol inhaler that many of us have become familiar with will be ... Read More

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