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Teen Health April 2009 Archive


How to Protect Your Child from Swine Flu

Saturday April 25, 2009
With the recent outbreak of the swine flu in the United States, parents might be wondering what they can do to protect their children. A handful of swine flu ... Read More

Birth Control Pills and Muscle Mass

Monday April 20, 2009
A new research study found that birth control pills have an impact on lean muscle mass in young women. The study looked at women ages 18 to 31 who ... Read More

Are You Having "The Talk"?

Monday April 13, 2009
Oprah and O Magazine have done a feature on how parents are discussing sex with their daughters. A survey done by the magazine in conjunction with Seventeen magazine revealed ... Read More

Drug Testing + Food Stamps = Hungry Kids

Thursday April 2, 2009
In this time of high unemployment and high need, I was surprised to see articles discussing mandatory drug testing for those who are on welfare. I've spent many years working with ... Read More

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