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Teen Health August 2009 Archive


Don't Lose Your Common Sense This Flu Season

Thursday August 27, 2009
With every thing that is in the news about the swine flu, including scary estimates of how many will die from it this season, it's hard not to panic. ... Read More

School Lunches: Mystery Meat is No Longer Okay

Monday August 17, 2009
I had once gone to a meeting at my local high school about our school lunches. I expected to find out that our lunches were completely nutritionally void. ... Read More

One in Five Teens Trade Prescriptions

Monday August 10, 2009
This headline from a medical news service caught my eye - "What if a teenager with acne who is taking Accutane — a drug linked to birth defects — gives ... Read More

Can Prayers Cure a Sick Teen?

Sunday August 2, 2009
A story on CNN.com caught my eye tonight. It is the story of a teen who had been in the hospital with traumatic injuries. She was in their ... Read More

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