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School, Hobbies, and Extracurriculars

The teenage years are about discovering likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. Is your teen a culinary queen or a video game aficionado? Does he excel in school or is it a struggle? What happens outside the home has an impact on your teen's health. Find out more to help your teen choose the healthiest path through this exiciting time.

Cheerleading Safety Tips
Is your teen a cheerleader? Here are some cheerleading safety tips.

How Parents Can Ensure Gym Class Safety
Injuries during gym class have gone up 150% in a decade. Do you know how to promote gym class safety?

Medications for Severe Allergies at School
Does your child need medication for severe allergies at school? If your teen needs an epipen or other injectible epinephrine for severe allergies, this is what you need to know.

What to Know About Medications at School
Does your child take medications at school? It doesn't matter if they are prescription, over-the-counter, or self-administered - there are things you should know about medications at school

Eight Back to School Health Tips
Want back to school health tips? Read up on eight things that parents of teens can do to help their child have a healthy back to school experience.

Abstinence-Only Sex Education in Schools
Because of funding from the national government, the recent trend has to been to provide abstinence-only sex education in our schools. But has it been effective?

10 School Problems Parents of Teens Face And What to Do About Them
Many parents face similar issues when their teen goes off to school. Read about ten common school problems - and solutions - from About.com's Guide to Parenting Teens.

Do Extracurriculars Add Extra to Your Teen's Life?
Does band, cheerleading or softball help or hinder your teenager? Find out if extracurriculars are just for getting into college.

How to Manage Video Game Use
Violence, sexual overtones and predjudics - these might just be some of the things your teen is exposed to when playing video games. Read some practical tips for parents of preteens (and teens) about how to monitor your child's video game use.

Teens and Sewing: The Newest Cool Hobby?
Find out more about one of the newest trends in teen fashion, creating new clothing through sewing. From About.com's Guide to Sewing.

Do You Matter? Parent Expectations and Academic Achievement
From the Harvard Family Research Project, a study about parent expectations and their child's academic achievements. In short, if you expect more from your teen, they will expect more of themselves.

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