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Body Image and Self Esteem

It's normal for teens to be concerned about their body and the way it is changing and growing. Find out what is a healthy body image, what isn't and how it affects self esteem.

What Are The Signs of Anorexia in Teens?
Many know what anorexia is, but do you know what the signs of anorexia in teens are? Know what to look for for the health of your teen.

What Sunscreen SPF Does My Teen Need?
Sunscreen SPF can be confusing. From SPF 0 tanning oils to SPF 100+ sprays, how do you decide what's right for your family?

All About Teen Tanning and its Dangers
Does your teen love to soak in the sun? Does she frequent a tanning salon? Find out everything you need to know about teen tanning and its dangers.

Does Your Teen Have Tanorexia?
What is tanorexia? This is a new term for tanning addiction. Could your teen be addicted to tanning?

Sun Protection Tips for Teens
Share these sun protection tips with your teen. Keep your kids safe from the dangers of the sun's rays.

Safe Tanning Tips for Teens
Parents and teens often wonder if there are safe tanning products out there. The answer is yes - but there are a few unsafe products too. Do you know the difference?

The Facts About How Skin Tans
Ever wonder how skin tans? What exactly does the sun do to turn pale skin pink, red or tan?

Teens and Tanning: What are the Dangers?
Does your teen love to tan? Do you know the risks? Skin cancer, cataracts, wrinkles - these are all things your teen needs to know about.

Teen Body Image - How to Help Your Teen Have a Good Body Image
Teen Health readers answer the question, How do you help your teen have a good body image?

Your Son and His Body
Think that body image issues are just a girl's issue? Think again. Teen males can have body image issues, too.

Mom, Am I Fat?
Teens are bombarded with messages about what their bodies should look like. Explore what impacts a teen's body image and the consequences of a negative body image.

Teens, the Media and Body Image
The media has a very important role to play in shaping the way we feel about the world around us. The messages teens get from media have an impact on how they feel about themselves and their bodies. Discover how various media affect a teen's body image and read tips on how to use media safely.

10 Tips on Boosting Your Teen's Body Image
Want to set your teen up for a healthy body image? Read these 10 ways you can help your teen have a positive body image.

Body Image and Teen Supplement Use
A study out of Harvard discusses which teens are dissatisfied with their bodies and how that affects their use of diet supplements.

Do Boys Have Body Image Issues?
We often think of teen girls when we discuss body image and eating disorders, but are boys also affected. Read more from About.com's Guide to Parenting Teens.

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