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Common Diseases and Disorders of Teens

The teen years can be a time of optimal physical health. Most parents, however, encounter problems with their teen's physical health. From minor issues that are quickly resolved to chronic concerns that affect a teen's overall quality of life, there are a range of diseases and disorders that can affect teenagers. Explore the signs, symptoms, causes and treatments of many common teen ailments.
  1. Common Vaccines for Teens (14)

Can Teen Snoring Lead to Bad School Performance?
What do you know about teen snoring? It's not just a funny condition, but it can be serious medical concern that can lead to problems with school performance.

Gallery of Lyme Disease Pictures
Find out more about lyme disease by checking out this gallery of lyme disease pictures. From the bullseye rash to facial palsy and arthritis, find out what lyme disease can look like.

When Should You Keep Your Teen Home From School
Not sure when to keep your child home from school? Read these guidelines and figure out whether your teen should stay home, or get going!

Headaches in Teens
Did your teen just have his first headache? Or does your teen get headaches every day? Learn about migraines and headaches in teens.

MRSA: What It Is and What To Do About It
MRSA isn't just found in hospitals anymore. It can be found out in the community and is showing up at increasing rates. Find out what MRSA is, how to treat MRSA and what to do if you or your teen has MRSA.

Could Your Teen Have Diabulemia?
Could your teen with Type 1 diabetes be restricting her insulin dose to help her lose weight? If so she might have a disorder that some are calling diabulemia, an eating disorder with serious consequences.

Dealing With Acne
Acne is one of the most common conditions that teenagers will encounter. Learn how to help your teen manage this easily-treatable health concern.

Asthma and Teens: Tips for Parents
From The Children's Hospital in Colorado, information for parents about teens and asthma.

Teens and Scoliosis
Your teen came home with a letter from the school nurse saying that there are signs of scoliosis - what next? Find out the basics about scoliosis from About.com's Guide to Pediatrics.

Someone at School Has MRSA!
Someone at your teen's school has MRSA. Should you keep your child home from school? How can you protect yourself and your family? Find out more about MRSA in schools from the Centers of Disease Control.

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