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Common Teen Diseases and Disorders


No one wants a sick teen, but no one is immune from illness. From seasonal issues like the common cold, to common disorders like acne, to the emotional issues that teens can suffer from, parents have many topics to learn about. Discover how to find out if your teen has an illness and what you can do help.
  1. Emotional Disorders and Eating Disorders
  2. Physical Disorders
  3. Addiction and Substance Use

Emotional Disorders and Eating Disorders

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The teen years can be difficult. Many common emotional issues can make themselves known during this time. From common concerns like depression to more specialized issues like diabulemia, parents need to understand how to recognize these issues and how to help.

Physical Disorders

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Teens think they are invincible -- but they aren't! They can catch their little sister's chickenpox, or get MRSA from their high school gym class. If you have a question about common teen diseases, this is the place to find out how to manage them.

Addiction and Substance Use

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Teens who use drugs can be devastated by their effects. From the damage that the drugs themselves cause, to the consequences of being under the influence, it's important for everyone to work towards reducing teen drug use. Well-informed parents are on the front lines and are the best defense against teen substance use and abuse.

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