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Promoting Fitness and Good Nutrition in Your Teen

Having trouble getting your teen off the couch? Concerned that a diet of pizza and soda is lacking important nutrients? Discover how to promote overall physical fitness and good nutrition.

101 Natural Healthy Eating Tips by Emily Davidson
Want healthy eating tips for teens? Read this book on healthy, natural eating for tips on a healthy diet for teens and the whole family.

Teen Vegetarian - Helping Your Teen Vegetarian
Is your teen a vegetarian or vegan? Although this can be a big change in lifestyle, it can be a very healthy one.

Is Your Teen Getting Enough Calcium or Iron?
Does your teen have calcium or iron deficiency? Find out how much she needs and where she can get it.

Is a Warm Up for Teens Necessary?
We all remember the stretching and warmups in high school gym class, but is a warm up for kids important? Is stretching important for kids?

How Much Exercise Should My Teen Get?
What is the recommended amount of exercise for teens? Read this exercise tip for teens.

Healthy Eating for Teens Made Easy
What should my teen be eating and how much? Is there an easy way to plan meals for my teen?

Ice or Heat for an Injury?
Ever wonder if you should use heat or ice for an injury? If your teen has ever had an injury, you might have wanted to know this answer.

So, Your Teen Wants To Be a Vegetarian
So, your teen wants to become a vegetarian. Is it healthy? What do they eat? Find out the facts here.

Is Your Teen Overweight?
Is your teen overweight? Find out by using our suggestions on how to calculate BMI, how to interpret the BMI, and what to do next.

Teens and Exercise: Keeping Them Safe
You'd like your teenager to get more exercise, but you know there are risks. Read about safe ways for your teenager to exercise from About.com's Guide to Fitness, Paige Waehner.

Nutrition for Teen Girls
Forget the old food pyramid and check out the newest recommendations for teen girls regarding nutrition.

Is Strength Training Okay for Your Teen?
From the American Academy of Pediatrics, the newest recommendations regarding teenager strength training.

Teens and Calcium: Are They Getting Enough?
The teen years are a critical time of bone formation. Find out if your teen is getting enough calcium and how to include more of this important nutrient in your child's diet.

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