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Normal Growth and Development of Teenagers

The teen years can be a time rapid physical changes. Find out more about how your teen will grow and change throughout these important years.

Toxic Tampons
Are parents giving their teen girls toxic tampons to use? Do tampons really contain asbestos or dioxin? Find out whether or not tampons are toxic or not.

Are Girls' First Periods Coming Earlier?
You might have learned that girls are getting their periods earlier. But is it true? Separate the facts from the myths.

How Much is Too Much: What is Considered a Heavy Period?
Most women have a period about once a month. How can you tell if you have a heavy period? What you and your teen should know about period flow.

What to Know About Puberty and Voice Changes
We all have heard about puberty and voice changes, but do you know why it happens and how? Read more about puberty and voice changes.

When Should My Teen Get a Medical Checkup?
When should your teen get a medical checkup? How often does your teen need a medical checkup?

How to Do a Testicular Self Exam
Does your teen know how to do a testicular self exam? Print this out for him because early detection of testicular cancer is important.

Teen Peer Pressure - How Do You Help Your Teen Resist Peer Pressure
Teens want to fit in, and will sometimes do things that are destructive in order to do so. How do you help your teen resist negative peer pressure?

Is Teen Masturbation OK?
Many parents (and their teens) want to know if teen masturbation is okay. Read about the myths, the misconceptions and the truth about teens and masturbation.

Smelly Teen? Let's Talk Teen Hygiene.
Teen hygiene can be an issue for some families. How often should she shower? Does he need deodorant?

Hey, I Have These Bumps Down There...
Is your son concerned with small bumps on his penis head? They might be pearly penile papules!

Puberty Q & A
Questions about puberty? We have the answers to the common concerns about teens and puberty.

Should I Let My Teen Girl Shave Her Legs?
Is it time to let your teen girl shave her legs or other parts of her body? They want to grow up fast, but is it okay to let her take this next step towards becoming a woman?

Puberty in Girls: Beyond the Stages
Which comes first - breasts or pubic hair? When will she get her period? Is it too early for leg hair? Read the answers to common questions about puberty in girls.

Trends in Teen Sexual Behavior
In order for parents to know what kinds of pressure teens are under, it is important to know what teens are really doing. Here is a summary of the most current statistics on teens and sex.

Is Your Doctor Doing a Good Job with Your Teen?
Your infant went to the doctor's office all the time. What about your teen? Current research suggests that teens are being neglected at the doctor's office. Is your teen getting good adolescent health care?

What is a normal penis size for a teen?
Questions about puberty and penis size? Is your son concerned he is too small or too big? Learn what is normal during puberty about penis size.

The Uncircumcised Penis and How to Care for It
Despite their embarrassment, many boys and teens have questions about their uncircumcised penis. How do you clean it? What is phimosis? There are simple answers to these important questions.

Will My Teen Still Be a Virgin if She Uses a Tampon?
Many parents and teen girls wonder about tampons and virginity. Can I use a tampon if I'm a virgin? Find out here in our FAQ.

Stages of Puberty in Girls
Girls go through distinct physical changes during puberty. Read more about these puberty stages that girls go through.

His Changing Body: The Stages of Puberty in Boys
When puberty hits, your son's body will change in many ways. Discover the basics about boys and puberty.

Menstruation 101
When a teen girl gets her first period, it is an important right of passage. It is also a significant event, biologically speaking, in her overall development. Find out the nuts and bolts about menstruation and teenagers

5 Tips for Surviving the Teen Years
The teen years can be a challenge. Read about five ways you can nurture a better relationship with your teen.

Teens and Sleep: What Parents Need to Know
Teenagers have unique needs when it comes to sleep. Find out how much sleep a teen needs and what a common teenage sleep pattern is. Learn how to determine if your teen is getting enough sleep and how to promote good sleep habits.

An Overview of Puberty
From the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, an overview of puberty that discusses what it is and what to expect.

When Puberty Comes Too Early
When a child goes through puberty too early, it can be a cause for concern. Find out how early is to early and where you can get help if you suspect your child has this condition.

Top 10 Books on Puberty for Kids
About.com's Guide to Pediatrics, recommends books for children to help explain to them about their changing bodies.

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