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Puberty and Teen Sexual Development


Concerned that your teen hasn't hit puberty yet? Possibly, puberty has come quickly and it's time for "The Talk." From first periods to first shaves, there is much to know so that you can help your teen make the best decisions.
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  2. Female Puberty
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Male Puberty

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Although it may not seem like it, teen boys go through many changes during puberty. He needs to know what's normal, what's not and if he is OK. Your job is to know the answers to questions about his puberty and sexual development.

Female Puberty

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Did I get my period too early? Can I shave my legs? I want my chest to stop growing! Her body is changing quickly. Are you ready?

Sexual Health

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Most people have sex at some point in their lives. Teens' bodies are changing, and they are curious about sex. They need to know the facts so that they can make good decisions in the future when it comes to this important subject.

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