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Preparing Your Teen for a Healthy College Experience

Whether or not your teen has a chronic health issue, his or her health is still a concern for parents when they leave the nest. From getting an asthma tuneup to exploring campus health care, protecting your teen's health doesn't end when high school is over.

College Students and Drinking
Do you know how to talk to your teen about college binge drinking? Did you know that college binge drinking is one of the main concerns for college administrators? Learn how to help your college student avoid binge drinking's dangers.

College Binge Drinking
Is your teen going off to college? Did you know that college binge drinking is one of the main concerns for college administrators? Learn more about college binge drinking and how to help your college student avoid it's dangers.

A First Aid Kit for College
Want to know what to pack in a first aid kit for your college student? There are a few essentials that your teen will be happy to have on hand.

Severe Asthma and Your Teen: Surviving College
Does your teen have severe asthma? Is this same teen heading off to college? Find out how to help your teen independently manage his severe asthma and transition to campus life.

What to Know About Preventing Bacterial Meningitis
College students are at risk for bacterial meningitis because of lifestyle choices but also because of being exposed to a new environment. Before your teen goes off to campus, find out how to protect him from this deadly disease.

Advice for the Gluten-Free College Student
From Nancy Lapid, About.com's Guide to Celiac Disease, an excellent article for teens who need to avoid gluten.

Health Insurance for College Students
About.com's Guide to Health Insurance talks about health insurance options for college students.

Beating the Freshman 15
It's almost inevitable that the freedom of college will lead to indulgence - including overeating. A study in the International Journal of Obesity suggests there is a simple deterrent to the "Freshman 15."

Alcohol: How to Prepare Your College-Bound Teen
Find out more about the dangers of underage alcohol use and abuse, and how to talk to your college-bound teen about alcohol.

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