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Teen Relationships: Friends, Significant Others and More

Relationships are at the heart of a teenager's life. Friends become a primary focus for teens and intimate relationships begin to bloom. Is your teen's boyfriend or girlfriend is abusive? Is the best friend a good influence or a danger? Explore these and many other complicated topics so you can help your teen through these first relationships.

Teen Texting Dangers
Are there teen texting dangers? Read more about the dangers of texting and find out why parents of teens should be worried.

Teen Texting Dangers - Rules to Prevent Teen Texting Dangers
Have you had problems with your teen and texting? Learn how to manage teen texting dangers from other parents, or share your own advice.

The Emergency Contraception Pill
Have you heard of the emergency contraception pill, or Plan B? Emergency contraception can be a great addition to a birth control plan, and it is available to teenagers.

Teen Domestic Violence - Helping Your Teen Who Is Experiencing Teen D…
Has your son or daughter been the victim of domestic violence? It's more common than you think. Read what other parents have done to help their son or daughter who is experiencing dating violence.

Having the Talk with Your Teen - How Do You Have the Talk wit…
Talking with your teen about sex can be frightening! Find out from Teen Health readers about how they talk about sex with their teens.

Five Things You Must Know About Teen Domestic Violence
One in three teens will experience abuse or violence when dating. Do you know how to spot an abuser, or how to tell if your teen is being abused? If you know what a healthy relationship looks like, you can help your teen navigate the sometimes confusing world of dating.

Teen Dating "Bill of Rights"
If your teen is dating, he or she has rights. Does your teen know how she should be treated in a relationship?

The Cycle of Teen Domestic Violence
What do you know about teen domestic violence? Are you familiar with the cycle of abuse that can happen in a teen domestic violence situation?

Hey, I'm Being Abused!
Are you afraid that your teen is in an abusive relationship? Learn these signs your teen may be being abused by a family member, boyfriend or girlfriend.

One in Ten or Worse: The Epidemic of Teen Domestic Violence
Think you know about teen dating violence? It happens more than you think. Your teen probably knows someone who has been a victim of teen dating violence - or has been a victim herself.

Is Your Teen Dating an Abuser?
Are you concerned about teen domestic violence? Become familiar with the signs that might mean your son or daughter is dating an abuser.

Everything You Don't Want To Know About Teens and Sex
Teens and sex - two words that parents don't want to hear together. Knowing all of the facts and nuances about teens and sex can help you help your child make good decisions and stay safe.

Preparing for "The Talk"
Do you remember when your parents talked to you about "the birds and bees?" They may not have known what to say, or even avoided it all together. Take a deep breath and read about 4 ways to get ready for this important discussion. You can do it!

You Can Survive Peer Pressure
Your teen gets a thousand messages a day about how he or she should look, act and feel. The loudest voices are often from your teen's peers. Find out why your teen is susceptible to peer pressure and what you can do about it.

Helping Your Teen Choose the Right Birth Control
If your teenage daughter is sexually active, it is time to discuss options for birth control. There are a few factors to consider before choosing an option. Explore the issues that impact this important decision.

Teens and Birth Control: The Options
This isn't your mother's birth control. From pills to patches to implants, teenagers have a dizzying array of birth control options to choose from. With teenage pregnancy rates rising, it's important to know what's out there and what's effective.

Encouraging Positive Teen Friendships
From About.com's Guide to Parenting Teens, find out how to promote positive and healthy teen friendships.

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