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Substance Use and Abuse in Teens

From cigarettes and alcohol to prescription drugs to illegal drugs - there are many things you need to know to keep your teen healthy and substance-free. Learn the basics and stay informed to help your teen navigate these temptations.

Pictures of Inhalants and Huffing
Pictures of inhalants and huffing. Do you know what your teen might be inhaling to get high?

The Dangers of Poppy Seed Tea
poppy seed tea teen drug use teenagers

Salvia Divinorum: A Legal Trip
Salvia divinorum is a herb that is rising in popularity. Eaten or smoked, salvia is a potent drug that can cause hallucinations or other delusions. Since salvia can be obtained legally in the United States, parents need to know as much as possible about this potentially dangerous substance.

Marijuana Use Linked to Risk of Testicular Cancer
Young men between the ages of 15 and 25 are the most common victims of testicular cancer. New information now links marijuana usage to an increased risk of this deadly cancer.

5 Truths About Teen Smoking
Do you know the truth about teenagers and smoking? Find out the facts from About.com's Guide to Parenting Teens.

Your Teen's Favorite Drug?
Your teenager might not be going to a local drug dealer to get high. It might be as easy as walking to the local drug store. From The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, find out more information about the use and abuse of over-the-counter drugs by teens.

Trends in Teen Drug Use
The National Institute on Drug Abuse tracks which drugs are growing in popularity and which are losing ground. Arm yourself with information about teen's attitudes towards today's most popular drugs of abuse.

What to Look For: Warning Signs of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
The teen years can be a time of experimentation, and that includes experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Find out which teens are at risk for serious drug and alcohol problems, and what the tell-tale signs of substance abuse are.

Teen's Biggest Influence?
One of the world's longest-running health studies discovered that older siblings who smoke or drank had the biggest influence on their younger sibling's behavior. Find out more from About.com's Guide to Alcoholism about this interesting finding.

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